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24 February 2018

Orthodox.TV is at the center of a powerful new convergence of television, radio, and the Internet – a reality that is carrying Orthodox Christian information and communications into the new millennium.

Orthodox.TV provides many different channels of quality programming, ranging from Archdiocesan Convention broadcasts, addresses by the hierarchy, news, quality radio broadcasts, international and jurisdictional channels, interactive discussion groups, college classes, catechumenical instruction, and much more.

Orthodox.TV’s operating philosophy is founded on a desire to show the oneness of Orthodoxy throughout history and the world today– by providing a communications hub that weaves together a tapestry of quality programming to meet the informational needs of all Orthodox Christians. Effectively, this necessitates a variety of channels, both television and radio, to accomplish that goal. Practically, the use of several channels allows constant, specialized programming, ranging from jurisdictional and cultural material - Antiochian, Greek, Russian, and other – to exclusive pay-per-view events such as concerts and conventions.

Ortrhodox.TV is currently offering and pursuing the following:

  • Live and archived broadcasts of conferences and forums
  • Liturgical and other Service broadcasts
  • Interactive forums and discussion boards for scholars, laity, clergy, and others
  • Cultural programming including documentaries, and shows on topics such as Greek, Russian, Lebanese, and Lenten cooking
  • Live streaming radio, including talk radio, news, liturgical broadcasts, music, and special event programming
  • Academic classes for laity/catechumens, and distance education for scholars and clergy
  • Interviews, Seminars, Lectures, and online Classes
Programming for Orthodox.TV comes from many sources, including existing tape and video series, popular speakers and lecturers, freelance filmmakers, live conventions, and other content providers.

Orthodox.TV currently offers Subscription-based access to all online content including access to public addresses from hierarchs and the Archdioceses, online news, general Orthodox Communications, live main-events such as conventions and conferences up to 30 days after they are recorded, weekly shows, and online discussion forums.

Orthodox.TV was founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma by Ruston Miles who also serves on the Parish Council at St Antony Orthodox Church, Antiochian Archdiocese (www.stantonytulsa.org). Orthodox.TV was commissioned by Bishop BASIL and is the Official Audio/Video Companion to the Antiochian Archdiocese Website (www.antiochian.org). Much thanks to the guidance and vision of V. Rev. Fr. George Eber, of St Antony Orthodox Church. Orthodox.TV serves SCOBA archdioceses domestically and canonical Orthodox Christian churches throughout the world.

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The goal of Orthodox.TV is to provide solid, quality programming, information, and entertainment for the entire Orthodox Christian world. If you have any questions or comments, please contact ::Orthodox.TV:: for more information.


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