Under the Grapevine
A Miracle by Saint Kendeas of Cyprus

Under the Grapevine

By Chrissi Hart, with illustrations by Claire Brandenburg. When Christina becomes seriously ill, her mother prays constantly for her, until one day a holy man appears on a white horse and takes her to his church to be healed. Christina returns to the family farm, where she runs to her parents to tell them about the holy "grandfather" who helped her. This true story describes the miraculous healing of a young girl in Cyprus by a much-loved local saint who lived more than one thousand years ago. For children 4 and up.

Under the Grapevine (for broadband - DSL/ISDN/Cable/T1)  


Camp St. Raphael 2001 Video

Highlights from the first Camp St. Raphael.
A special commemorative video produced and edited by Matthew Eber.

Camp St Raphael (for broadband - DSL/ISDN/Cable/T1)

Camp St Raphael (for 33k - 56k Dialup Modems)

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